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dditional Inf



Notes on use

While shooting

 This flash unit generates strong light, so it should not be used directly in front of

the eyes.


 Do not store the macro flash controller with the alkaline batteries inside it.

Leakage from the batteries may damage the battery chamber.

 Depending on the temperature or storage conditions, the battery level displayed

may be lower than the actual battery capacity. The displayed battery level is

restored to the correct value after the flash has been used a few times. When

lamp blinks to indicate that the flash cannot be used, pressing the flash

ON/OFF button a number of times may result in restoration of the correct

battery level display. If the battery level is still not restored, replace the battery.

 When using lithium batteries, if the batteries become hot due to high

temperature or continuous use,

lamp may blink and the flash may not

work for a while. Wait for the batteries to cool down before using the flash again.

 Nickel-metal hydride batteries can lose power suddenly. If

lamp starts

blinking or the flash can no longer be used while taking pictures, change or

recharge the batteries.

 The flash frequency and number of flashes provided by new batteries may

vary from the values shown in the table, depending on the time elapsed since

manufacture of the batteries.

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