Aperture range graph, Ttl flash metering – Sony HVL-MT24AM User Manual

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Aperture range graph

The aperture range for macro lenses is displayed on page 26 (TTL), and page 34

(Manual flash). The aperture ranges described here are for lenses other than macro

lenses, or when the subject distance is large.

TTL flash metering


Min. Aperture lines






Max. Aperture lines

Min. Aperture lines

Max. Aperture lines

The following explains how to obtain the aperture range using the two twin flash

units with a 1.5 m flash-to-subject distance and at ISO 100.

1 Draw a vertical line upwards from the flash-to-subject distance until it reaches

the minimum aperture line ().

2 Draw a horizontal line leftwards from  until it reaches the vertical ISO line

corresponding to the camera used ().

3 Draw a diagonal line from  upwards and leftwards. The result indicates the

minimum aperture that will provide the proper exposure ().

4 The maximum aperture can be obtained in the same way by using the maximum

aperture line ().The results of both calculations will give the usable aperture

range for obtaining the proper exposure ().

In this case, the proper exposure can be obtained by setting the camera’s aperture

from maximum to f/16.

 The dotted lines are employed when only one twin flash unit is used.