Sony HVL-MT24AM User Manual

Page 34

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HVL-MT24AM_GB 2-889-493-01 (1)

Selecting apertures and power level in

manual flash

 The following tables show the values when ISO 100 is used without the wide

panel or diffuser. For other ISO speeds, or if you use the wide panel or diffuser,

adjust the aperture settings according to the table on page 38. When using the

twin flash units, the data assumes that the power lever is the same for both units.

If they are set at different power levels, see page 37.

 The aperture values given in the tables are calculated values. The actual lens will

have its own usable aperture range.
Example: Using a 50mm F2.8 Macro lens when ISO 100, with a pair

of twin flash units with no arm, power level of 1/1, and a
magnification ratio of 1:1

 The aperture is calculated at f/90 (refer to the following table).

However, the smallest actual aperture possible with this lens is


Therefore, if you set the power level to 1/1, the picture will be


But if you set the power level to 1/8, you will get a correct

exposure at f/32.

 These following tables show the apertures where the proper exposure of the

illuminated area is obtained. Actual exposure varies according to the subject’s

shape or position (p. 53). Test photographs or bracketing is recommended

especially when the subject is illuminated from side or behind.

 The following tables show data for certain lenses and magnification ratios. For

other lenses and magnification ratios, see page 55.