Basics – Sony HVL-MT24AM User Manual

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When the macro flash controller is charged, press the

shutter button to take a photo.

The macro flash controller is charged when the flash-ready lamp on the

control panel of the macro flash controller and the indicator in the camera

viewfinder are both on.

When the correct exposure has been obtained for the photo just taken, the

flash-ready lamp on the control panel blinks.

 The photo will be under-exposed if taken before charging is complete.

 The use of a tripod or remote cord is recommended to reduce camera shake.

 A camera-to-subject distance of less than 0.5m, and a magnification ratio of

more than 0.15X (greater than 1:7), are recommended to get the best results

from the macro flash units.

 Always turn off the macro flash controller if the twin flash unit is not connected.

If the twin flash unit is not attached, but the controller is on, the camera flash

sync will be in effect and the resulting ambient exposures will be incorrect.

 The camera’s AF illuminator is blocked by the adaptor ring or twin flash unit and

cannot be used for focusing.

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