Features, Before use – Sony HVL-MT24AM User Manual

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Before use

For details, refer to the operating instructions supplied with your camera.

This flash is not dust-proof, splash-proof or waterproof.
Do not place this flash in the following locations

Regardless of whether this unit is in use or in storage, do not place it in any of the

following locations. Doing so may lead to a malfunction.

 Placing this flash in locations subject to direct sunlight such as on dashboards or

near a heater may cause this unit to deform or malfunction.

 Locations with excessive vibration

 Locations with strong electromagnetism

 Locations with excessive sand

In locations such as the seashore and other sandy areas or where dust clouds

occur, protect the unit from sand and dust.

This may lead to a malfunction.


The macro twin flash kit provides flexible lighting for macro nature photography. It

is ideal for close-up photography of flowers, insects, small objects, and so on.

 Freedom to change the attachment position and angle of the flashtube enables

more expressive photography.

 Attaching two-length adjustable arms between the twin flash units and holders

makes it possible to change the lighting for high magnification close-up


 Using the supplied diffuser enables softer lighting.

 The supplied wide panel expands flash coverage to a focal length of 24 mm.

 Modeling flash function can check shadows before photographing.