Custom setting – Sony HVL-MT24AM User Manual

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HVL-MT24AM_GB 2-889-493-01 (1)

Custom setting

The various flash settings can be changed as necessary.

The following three items may be changed.

 Time to auto power off (4 minutes/15 minutes/60 minutes/None)

 Recording modes in which manual flash may be set

(M mode only/All modes)

 Manual-flash power-level steps (1EV increments / 1/2EV increments)


Press the flash ON/OFF button for three seconds.

The auto lamp, flash-ON lamp and flash-OFF lamp all come on together, and

the item (time to auto power off) is displayed.


Press the A-B button (twin-flash A-B selection button) to

select the item, and press the TTL/M/Test button to select
the desired setting.

Each time the A-B button is pressed, the above three items appear on the

control panel (see following page).