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NOTE: In addition to the message page messages that alert you to
special use airspace, the KLN 89(B) can also display the five nearest
areas of SUA. It will even give you the direction and distance to the
nearest edge of the SUA. See section 3.8.2 for more details.

The SUA alert feature is three dimensional. The SUA areas are
stored in the KLN 89(B) data base with regard to altitude when the
actual SUA altitude limitations are charted in terms of mean sea level
(MSL). Therefore, if you are flying either above or below an SUA
area you won’t be inconvenienced with nuisance alert messages.
However, if the actual lower limit of an SUA is charted in terms of an
altitude above ground level (AGL), then it is stored in the KLN 89(B)
as all altitude below the upper limit of the SUA. If the actual upper
limit of an SUA is charted in terms of AGL, it is stored in the
KLN 89(B) as “unlimited”.

If the altitude input to the KLN 89(B) is pressure altitude from an alti-
tude encoder or air data computer, then you must manually update
the KLN 89(B) with an altimeter setting (baro correction in order to
receive accurate SUA alerting. You may easily update the altimeter
setting by pressing the


button to

display the Altitude 1 (ALT 1) page
(figure 3-202) The right inner knob is
used to change the altimeter setting.
When the setting is complete, press


twice to return to the page previ-

ously in view.

CAUTION: Failure to keep the altimeter baro setting updated
will result in inaccurate special use airspace alerting. If this fea-
ture is used, it is a good idea to update the altimeter baro setting
on the ALT 1 page each time you make a change to an aircraft’s
altimeter setting.

NOTE: If there is no altitude input to the KLN 89(B), all altitudes will
be regarded as being within the boundary of the SUA area.

Only the outer lateral boundaries are stored for Class B, Class C,
CTA, and TMA airspace. These SUA areas are stored as “cylinders”
of airspace so all altitudes below the upper limit of these areas are
considered to be in the SUA.

The message prompt for a special use airspace alert will occur when
the aircraft’s position is at a point such that a projection of the air-
craft’s existing track over the ground is approximately 10 minutes
from penetrating the outer boundary of one of these areas. It will also

KLN 89/KLN 89B Pilot’s Guide

Basic GPS Operation


Basic GPS Operation

Chapter 3


åå.ånm| BARO:29.95"

Leg| MSA 4000ft
*CRSR*| ESA 17200ft

Figure 3-202

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