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KLN 89/KLN 89B Pilot’s Guide

System Components


System Components

Chapter 1


A basic KLN 89(B) system consists of a panel mounted KLN 89(B)
GPS and a KA 92 GPS antenna. An altitude input is required to
obtain full navigation and operational capabilities. Additional system
components may be added or interfaced to the KLN 89(B) which
increase its features and capabilities. Some of these optional compo-
nents include an external course deviation indicator (CDI) or
horizontal situation indicator (HSI), autopilot, and external annuncia-
tors. Typically, an altitude input, an external indicator, and external
annunciators are required for IFR approach certification.

The KLN 89(B) panel mounted unit contains the GPS sensor, the
navigation computer, a Gas Plasma Discharge Display, and all con-
trols required to operate the unit. It also includes the data base card
which slides into the left side of the front panel.

The KA 92 GPS “patch” antenna is available for use with the KLN
89(B). It is designed to always be mounted on the top of the aircraft.

The KLN 89(B) has analog outputs to drive the left-right deviation bar
of most mechanical CDIs and HSIs. In addition, the NAV mode of the
Bendix/King KFC 150, KAP 150, KAP 150H, KAP 100, KFC 200,
KAP 200, KFC 250, KFC 275, KFC 300, and KFC 325 flight control
systems may be coupled to the KLN 89(B). Many other autopilots
may also be coupled to the KLN 89(B). Actual autopilot performance
and capability when coupled to the KLN 89(B) may vary significantly
from one autopilot model to another.

Altitude may be provided to the KLN 89(B) from an encoding altime-
ter or blind encoder. Altitude is used as an aid in position
determination when not enough satellites are in view.

All IFR installations require remote annunciators to be mounted in the
aircraft panel in order to select and indicate the status of certain
KLN 89(B) functions. En route and terminal IFR certifications require
annunciators for message (MSG) and waypoint alert (WPT). Non-
precision approach certifications also require a switch/annunciator to
select and display when the approach mode is armed or active.

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