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KLN 89/KLN 89B Pilot’s Guide




The next page displayed will probably be a page showing the
VHF communication frequencies for the airport you are at. For
now, use the right outer knob to turn to the NAV page type
(watch the lower left corner of the screen and the small bar at the
bottom to know when you are there). Then use the right inner
knob to select the NAV 2 page if not already there. The NAV 2
page shows your present position relative to a nearby VOR.
Verify that this position is correct before proceeding.


Press the


button. A page with the words DIRECT TO is now

displayed on the screen.

In step 8 you will enter the ICAO identifier of the airport. The identifi-
er will have a “K” prefix for a Continental U.S. airport, a “C” prefix for
a Canadian airport, or a “P” prefix (in some cases) for an Alaskan air-
port if the identifier is all letters. For example, LAX becomes KLAX.
For these countries if the identifier contains any numbers, there is no
prefix. For example, TX04 is entered TX04. For other areas of the
world the airport identifier should be entered identically to how it is


Rotate the right inner knob until the first character of the airport
identifier is displayed. Turn the right outer knob one step clock-
wise to move the flashing segment to the second character
position. Rotate the right inner knob to select the second charac-
ter of the identifier. Use this procedure to enter the complete
airport identifier.




. The display will change to a page showing the identi-

fier, name, city, and state/country of the airport just entered.
Confirm that the correct airport is displayed. Press


a second

time to approve the airport data.

10. A Navigation page (specifically the NAV 1 page) is now on the

screen. It displays the desired ground track, actual ground track,
bearing, and ETE to the destination airport. In addition, it displays
a course deviation indicator (CDI).

See—wasn’t that easy?

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