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89B will FLAG the navigation solution and a missed approach will
have to be flown. The KLN 89B will provide the following message:

*Press GPS APR For NAV

This message is telling you to cancel the approach mode by pressing
the external switch/annunciator. This will change the unit to the
approach-arm mode and navigation information will be restored.


The KLN 89B allows access to navigation SIDs (Standard Instrument
Departures) and STARs (Standard Terminal Arrival Routes) by
SID/STAR name. SID/STAR procedures stored in the data base can
only be considered accurate as long as the data base is current.
Even though the data base contains SID and STAR procedures,
there is a lot of information that is not included in the data base.
Therefore, the paper chart is still the primary source of information.
For example, many procedures require the aircraft to fly to a certain
altitude, along a heading until intercepting a course, and many other
procedures that the KLN 89B can not automatically accomplish.
Many procedures require pilot action to ensure that the proper path is
flown over the ground. The main purpose of loading a SID or a STAR
into the active flight plan is to provide you with a quick way of loading
a potentially large number of waypoints.

SID and STAR procedures can be as challenging to fly as some
approaches are. Therefore it is mandatory that you are comfortable
with the operation of the KLN 89B before attempting to fly SID and
STAR procedures. In particular, flight plan operation and the OBS
mode should be second nature to you.

NOTE: There are some SID/STAR procedures in the world that are
not suited for the operational characteristics of the KLN 89B. These
procedures are not included in the data base and therefore the way-
points that make up these procedures would have to be entered
manually. It is good preflight practice ensure that the KLN 89B con-
tains anticipated procedures for the flight.

SID and STAR procedures are stored with the airport for which they
apply. SID and STAR procedures are accessed through the APT 7
page. If there are both SIDs and STARs for a given airport, then
there will be two APT 7 pages, one to select a SID and the other to
select a STAR. This is indicated by APT+7. It is also possible to
have only a SID or only a STAR in which case there is only one APT
7 page.

KLN 89/KLN 89B Pilot’s Guide

Approaches and SID/STARs


Approaches and SID/STARs

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