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The following rules and considerations apply to KLN 89(B) flight

The KLN 89(B) is capable of storing in its memory 25 flight plans
plus an active flight plan.

Each of the flight plans may contain up to 20 waypoints. The
waypoints may consist of any combination of published
waypoints from the data base or user created waypoints. The
active flight plan may contain up to 35 waypoints if it includes
approach and SID/STAR waypoints.

The flight plans are numbered 0 through 25 (FPL 0, FPL 1, FPL
2, . . . , FPL 25).

The active flight plan is always FPL 0. The standard procedure
is to create a flight plan using one of the flight plans numbered as
FPL 1, FPL 2, etc. When one of these numbered flight plans is
activated, it becomes FPL 0, the active flight plan. This Pilot’s
Guide will refer to FPL 0 as the “active flight plan” and FPL 1
through FPL 25 as the “numbered flight plans.” If desired, a flight
plan can be created directly in the active flight plan. This avoids
creating the flight plan in a numbered flight plan and then having
to activate it. The disadvantage is that if a numbered flight plan is
subsequently made active, the one programmed directly into FPL
0 will be lost.

Modifications may be made to FPL 0 without affecting the way it
is stored as a numbered flight plan.

Unless Direct To operation is being used, the active flight plan
(FPL 0) must contain at least two waypoints. Otherwise, the
KLN 89(B) navigation system will be flagged.


A flight plan for a flight from Lakefront airport in New Orleans, LA to
St. Petersburg/Clearwater, FL International airport will be used as an
example of how to create a flight plan. The waypoints making up the
flight plan are: KNEW (Lakefront airport), GPT (Gulfport VOR), SJI
(Semmes VOR), CEW (Crestview VOR), MAI (Marianna VOR), TLH
(Tallahassee VOR), CTY (Cross City VOR), and KPIE
(St. Petersburg/Clearwater International airport).

KLN 89/KLN 89B Pilot’s Guide

Advanced GPS Operation


Advanced GPS Operation

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