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Approaches and SID/STARs


Approaches and SID/STARs

Chapter 5


If a course reversal is required, then upon reaching TXO perform
the appropriate holding pattern entry and set the inbound course
on the external CDI or HSI. In this example the inbound course
is 241°. At this point the KLN 89B works very similar to a con-
ventional VOR/DME.


Once established on the inbound course of 241°, switch back to
the Leg mode. When Leg mode is selected the FAF is automati-
cally made the active waypoint when the IAF and the FAF are at
the same waypoint.

NOTE: It is mandatory that the unit be in LEG mode with the FAF as
the active waypoint before crossing the FAF to activate the approach
active mode and change to ±0.3 NM scale factor. The CDI scale fac-
tor changes from ±1.0 NM to ±0.3 NM over the two miles to the FAF.
Delaying the switch from OBS to Leg mode compresses the scale
factor change. This will make the transition more abrupt. If the switch
from OBS to Leg is delayed too long it will not be possible for the
KLN 89B to change to the approach active mode.


When the aircraft is 2 NM from the FAF, the KLN 89B will verify
that the proper integrity is available. If integrity monitoring is
available for the approach, then the KLN 89B will change to the
Approach Active mode. This will be annunciated on the external
approach status annunciator as well as on the KLN 89B. The
CDI scale factor will also start to change from ±1.0 NM to ±0.3


Upon reaching TXO, the KLN 89B will automatically sequence to
RW22, the missed approach point.


The fix at 8 DME from TXO along the final approach course is
not included in the waypoints that come from the data base.
Since the distance that the KLN 89B is giving you is distance TO
the MAP, you will need to mentally figure out when the aircraft
has reached this point. This is done by looking at the along track
distances given in the plan view of the approach. In this case the
fix is 4.1 NM from RW22. Upon reaching this distance you can
descend to the MDA for this approach.

If a missed approach is required for this approach, then the following
steps would be required.


The published missed approach procedure for this approach is to
make a climbing left turn to 5700 feet and proceed direct to the
TXO VOR. In this case TXO will be the default direct to waypoint

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