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If you absolutely can’t wait to use your KLN 89(B) until you’ve read
this Pilot’s Guide, this section is for you. This page will teach you just
enough to get going and then learn by doing. This operational pre-
view assumes the KLN 89(B) has been properly installed, the unit
was previously operational in the same general geographical loca-
tion, and that no peripheral equipment interfaced with the KLN 89(B)
(such as external HSIs, CDIs, autopilots, moving map display, etc.) is
to be used at this time. If you are using this operational preview in
flight, do so only in good VFR conditions and only with an alternate
means of navigation (including pilotage) available to cross-check


Turn the unit on with the On/Off knob (the small knob in lower left
hand corner).


For a few seconds, the Power On Page is displayed while the
unit runs a self-test. Afterwards, the Self-test Page is displayed.
If the KLN 89(B) is receiving an altitude from an encoding altime-
ter, the present indicated altitude will be displayed on line 2. The
bottom line should display Pass and a flashing Ok?. Press the


button to approve the Self-test Page.


The Initialization Page will now be displayed. If the date and time
are incorrect by more than 10 minutes, refer to section 3.2 of this
Pilot’s Guide. The right side of the screen should show the identi-
fier of the nearest airport to the initial position, along with a radial
and distance from that airport waypoint. Press


with the cur-

sor flashing over Ok? to approve the Initialization Page.


If you are using a KLN 89, or your KLN 89B has been configured
for VFR use only, the VFR page will now be displayed to notify
you of the VFR limitation. Press


to approve this page.


The Data Base Page is now displayed showing the date the data
base expires or the date it expired. Press


to acknowledge

the information displayed on this page.



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