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9. The aural alarm activates as follows:

• 1000 feet prior to reaching the selected altitude--three short


• Upon reaching the selected altitude--two short tones

• Deviating above or below the selected altitude by more than

the warn altitude--four short tones

NOTE: Due to the resolution of the altitude input, it may be neces-
sary to descend slightly below or climb slightly above the selected
altitude before the two tones are activated indicating that the selected
altitude has been reached. This selected altitude alert must be
activated to arm the system for providing the altitude deviation alert.

The KLN 89(B) can provide the aural alarm tones in either of two
ways: it may be connected to an audio input of an audio amplifier
contained in an audio panel so that the aural alarm is heard through
the aircraft’s speaker and headphones. Or the KLN 89(B) may be
interfaced with an external tone generator installed in the aircraft.

In order to use altitude alerting, the KLN 89(B) must have an altitude
input. If the altitude input is from an altitude encoder or from an air
data computer not having a baro altitude output, then it will be neces-
sary for you to manually input the proper altimeter setting in order to
get accurate alerting. Remember, the altitude coming from an
encoder is pressure altitude and must be corrected with the proper
altimeter setting to convert to actual altitude. This altimeter setting is
easily accomplished by entering the altimeter baro setting on the
Altitude (ALT) 1 page. Press


twice more to return to the page

previously displayed. It’s so easy you have no excuses for not keep-
ing the baro setting updated!

CAUTION: The altitude alerting feature will only be accurate if
the altimeter baro correction is kept updated. If altitude alerting
is used, it is a good idea to update the altimeter baro set on the
ALT 1 page each time you make a change to the aircraft’s
altimeter setting.

NOTE: The altitude alerting feature can be disabled in the KLN 89(B)
at the time of installation so that these features are not selectable by
the pilot. When this has been done, the SET 9 page displays
Feature Disabled.

Advanced GPS Operation


Advanced GPS Operation

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