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Approaches and SID/STARs


Approaches and SID/STARs

Chapter 5

will remove the entire approach procedure from the active flight
plan. If the KLN 89B was in the approach arm or the approach
active mode, then deleting the approach will cause the KLN 89B
to change back to en route mode. This means that the CDI scale
factor will change back to the default ±5.0 NM scale.


Now that you know the basics of inserting an approach into the flight
plan, we can now show the approach operation of the unit by several
examples. This first example will use the approach that was loaded
into the flight plan in section 5.1.1. This example will show how the
KLN 89B sequences through an approach and what type of annunci-
ations and scale factor changes can be expected. The KLN 89B will
remain in the familiar Leg mode so there will be no need to change
between Leg and OBS mode in this example. Refer to the approach
plate for this approach (figure 5-12) to see what the procedure looks

For this example it is assumed that you are on an active flight plan
with the final destination being the Los Angeles International airport,
KLAX. It is also assumed that ATC will not give you radar vectors
during this approach.


Load the VOR 25R approach to KLAX as demonstrated in sec-
tion 5.1.1.


When you are within 30 NM of the airport, the KLN 89B will auto-
matically arm the approach mode and provide the following

*Press ALT To Set Baro

The message acts as a reminder to make sure the KLN 89B is using
the correct barometric pressure. If the barometric information is not
correct, then the integrity monitoring provided by the KLN 89B will not
be as good as it could be. Press


to bring up the ALT 1 page and

verify that the barometric pressure is correct.

NOTE: If the KLN 89B is interfaced with a compatible air data com-
puter that provides the correct barometric pressure to the KLN 89B,
then the previous message is not displayed and it is not necessary to
update the barometric pressure.

At this time the KLN 89B will smoothly change the CDI scale factor to
±1.0 NM. The external approach annunciator installed in the aircraft
will indicate that the approach is in the ARM mode.

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