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KLN 89/KLN 89B Pilot’s Guide

Approaches and SID/STARs


Approaches and SID/STARs

Chapter 5

factor change. This makes the transition more abrupt. If the switch
from OBS to Leg is delayed too long it will not be possible for the
KLN 89B to change to the approach active mode.


When the aircraft is 2 NM from the FAF, the KLN 89B will verify
that the proper GPS integrity is available. If integrity monitoring is
available for the approach, then the KLN 89B will change to the
Approach Active mode. This will be annunciated on the external
approach status annunciator as well as on the KLN 89B. The
CDI scale factor will also start to change from ±1.0 NM to ±0.3


Normal waypoint alerting will occur as the aircraft passes the final
approach fix. The leg from the final approach fix to the missed
approach point will become active and the CDI scale factor will
remain at ±0.3 NM. If the AUTO scale factor was selected on the
NAV 4 page, then the scale factor will zoom in on the airport as
the aircraft gets closer and closer to the missed approach point.
Eventually the map scale changes to 1 NM.

The following steps are followed if a missed approach is required.


The missed approach instructions call for a climbing left turn to a
heading of 110° until intercepting the 061° inbound course to the
missed approach holding fix, SCUMY. To fly this with the KLN
89B it will be necessary to put the KLN 89B into the OBS mode
and make SCUMY the active waypoint. Change the selected
course on the external CDI or HSI to 061°.

10. Once the aircraft reaches SCUMY, you will need to perform a

holding pattern entry suitable for this holding pattern and set the
selected course to 241° for the holding pattern.

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