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Advanced GPS Operation


Advanced GPS Operation

Chapter 4



It is very likely that the KLN 89(B) will become your "best friend" in the
cockpit. As with any good friend, you may need some time to get well-
acquainted. This will allow you to utilize it to the maximum extent. A great
way to get to know the KLN 89(B) is to use it outside the airplane, using
what we call the "take-home mode".

There are products available which allow you to use the KLN 89(B) at
your home, office, or hotel to have get-acquainted time in the take-home
mode, for instance the Commander 2000 from Lone Star Aviation. It is
also helpful to do flight planning and perform data base updates outside
the airplane, perhaps with a home personal computer.

For more information on the Commander 2000, or to place an order, con-

Lone Star Aviation Corp.
1306 Tatum Drive
Arlington, TX 76012
Phone: (817) 548-7768
FAX: (817) 261-8692

When the KLN 89(B) is in the take-home mode, it performs as if it is
receiving adequate satellite signals to determine its position. It displays
the latitude and longitude of its last known position or of whatever posi-
tion it is initialized to on the Setup 1 (SET 1) page (see section 3.6,
"Initialization and Time to First Fix"). In addition, a ground speed and
heading may be entered on the SET 1 page and the KLN 89(B) will track
a flight plan or a direct to waypoint just as if it was actually functioning in
an aircraft. Distances count down, waypoints sequence, and the devia-
tion bar follows the progress of the simulated flight. Using the take-home
mode is an excellent way to learn the operation of the KLN 89(B) without
worrying about the engine running, other traffic, or even terrain.
Fortunately, these phenomena are not simulated in the take-home mode!

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