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KLN 89/KLN 89B Pilot’s Guide



Message Page Messages

Appendix B

out of date as a result of a date and time entered on the SET 2 page or
Self-Test page or as a result of a pilot-entered date being overridden by a
date from the GPS receiver.

GEN RS-232 Data In
-- This message appears when an error is detected in the received
RS-232 data such as from a fuel management or air data system.

GPS Course is XXX° -- This message is displayed to notify the user that
the GPS desired track (DTK) has changed. This message will only be dis-
played when the KLN 89(B) is not “reading” selected course from an
external HSI or CDI. When the KLN 89(B) is in Leg mode, this message
occurs if the course change is greater than 5°. See section 4.2.2.

‡If Required Select OBS -- This message appears when the aircraft is 4
nautical miles from a waypoint which could be used as the basis for either
a procedure turn or a holding pattern and the KLN 89B is in the LEG
mode. Select the OBS mode when flying procedure turns or holding pat-
terns. This message is advisory only. If no procedure turn is required then
no action is required.

Inside SUA
[name and type of special use airspace]
[altitude boundaries]
[responsible ATC facility] -- (Inside Special Use Airspace) This message
appears when the aircraft is inside special use airspace (SUA). See sec-
tion 3.17.

Internal Battery Low:
Service Required to
Prevent Data Loss
-- This message appears when the KLN 89(B)’s inter-
nal battery is low and needs replacing at an authorized Honeywell service
center. The battery should be replaced within a week to prevent the loss
of all user-defined data including waypoint, airport remarks, flight plans,
etc. Typical battery life is approximately three to five years.

Low Bus Voltage
Check Charging System
-- This message appears when the voltage on
the aircraft power bus drops below the alert voltage for longer than the
alert delay time. Both the alert voltage and alert delay time are displayed
on the SET 10 page and set at the time of KLN 89(B) installation. In addi-
tion, the SET 10 page displays the present power bus voltage. This
message may be indicative of a problem with the aircraft’s charging sys-
tem. Consult your aircraft’s Pilot Operating Handbook to troubleshoot the
problem. You may desire to turn off some of the aircraft’s electrical
devices which are non-essential for your particular phase(s) of flight, so
that the battery will not discharge as quickly.

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