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KLN 89/KLN 89B Pilot’s Guide

Approaches and SID/STARs


Approaches and SID/STARs

Chapter 5

Examine the flight plan and delete those en route waypoints that are
not necessary.

NOTE: Approaches can only be entered into FPL 0, the active flight
plan. If the KLN 89B is turned off for more than 5 minutes, then the
approach is deleted when power is turned back on.


In the example above, you may have noticed a couple of waypoints
with somewhat strange names. The second waypoint of the
approach procedure, LAX18, has a name that is not normal for a
waypoint. This is an example of what are called “terminal” waypoints.
These are waypoints that are associated with a specific airport. They
are used to define a spot on the ground that does not have a normal
waypoint name. In the case of “LAX18” this point is 18 NM from the
LAX VOR on the 68° radial. The fifth waypoint in the approach pro-
cedure, MA25B, is another type of terminal waypoint. In this case
this point is the missed approach point for runway 25. This approach
applies to both the left and right runways so the letter B is used to
mean “both”.

There are few other types of terminal waypoints that you will need to
be familiar with to fully understand GPS non-precision approaches.
The naming convention for these waypoints are as follows:


• F stands for Final Approach Fix


• I stands for Intermediate Fix

Cxyyy • C stands for Course Fix

Mxyyy • M stands for Missed Approach Point

RWzzz • RW stands for Runway Fix. This is usually the

MAP for the approach

• zzz will be a runway number possibly including L

for Left, R for Right, C for Center, or B for Both.

Daaab • D stands for DME arc waypoint

• aaa is the radial that the fix is on from the

reference VOR

• b will be a letter corresponding to the distance

from the reference VOR. For example, G is the

seventh letter of the alphabet so D234G would be
a point on the 234° radial 7 NM from the reference

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