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KLN 89/KLN 89B Pilot’s Guide

Data Base


Data Base

Chapter 2



The data base provides two primary functions. First, it makes pilot
interface with the GPS sensor much easier. Rather than having to
manually look up and then enter the latitude and longitude for a spe-
cific waypoint, it allows you to merely enter a simple waypoint
identifier. The data base automatically looks up and displays the lati-
tude and longitude associated with the identifier. It should be obvious
that the data base saves a lot of tedious latitude/longitude entry and
also greatly reduces the potential for data input mistakes.

The second function of the data base is that it serves as a very con-
venient means to store and easily access aeronautical information.
Want to know the name of the airport, the nearest city, or the airport
elevation? Just unleash the power of the KLN 89(B) and display the
information right on the screen.

Thirdly, the KLN 89B data base stores non-precision approaches in
their proper sequence. This allows you to select an approach as a
whole, rather than entering the approach waypoint by waypoint.


There are four data base coverage areas available for the KLN 89(B).
They are referred to as the “Americas North” data base, the
“Americas South” data base, the “Atlantic” data base, and the
“Pacific” data base.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and Aeronautical
Radio, Inc. (ARINC) break the world into the ten geographic regions
shown in figure 2-1. The KLN 89(B) Americas North data base con-
tains aeronautical information for the group of ICAO regions
consisting of Canada, USA and Latin America. The KLN 89(B)
Americas South data base contains aeronautical information for the
group of ICAO regions consisting of USA, Latin America and South
America. The KLN 89(B) Atlantic data base provides information for
the ICAO regions Europe, Africa, East Europe, and Mid East.
Likewise, the Pacific data base contains information for East Europe,
Mid East, Pacific, and South Pacific.

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