BendixKing KLN 89B - Pilots Guide User Manual

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Each KLN 89(B) system includes a configuration module which is
attached to the KLN 89(B) mounting rack. The module allows the
KLN 89(B) to be configured for the unique characteristics of your
equipment installation. Parameters that are set by the configuration
module include:

Whether the KLN 89B may be used for IFR operations or not,

and if it may be used for non-precision approach IFR
operations. KLN 89 may only be used for VFR navigation.

• Whether or not the altitude alert function in enabled. See

section 4.3.

• Whether or not an external fuel management system is

interfaced to the KLN 89(B). See section 4.8.

• Whether or not an external air data computer is interfaced to

the KLN 89(B). See section 4.9.

• The conditions for the aircraft bus voltage alert to activate. See

section 3.16.

The configuration information is stored both in the module and in the
KLN 89(B) internal memory. If the KLN 89(B) detects a difference
between the configuration stored in the module and the configuration
stored in the internal memory (which should only occur following the
exchange of KLN 89 or KLN 89B units), the configuration information
will automatically be updated to the configuration specified in the
configuration module.

If an error is detected in the configuration data, a warning page
stating Configuration Mem Error will be displayed during the
KLN 89(B) start-up sequence, and the configuration memory will be
set to arbitrary default values. See an authorized Honeywell Service
center to correct the configuration memory error.

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System Components

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