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Additionally, by FAA regulation, you are required to have a current
data base in order to use the KLN 89B for a non-precision approach.

The data base is contained in a small card which plugs into the left
side of the KLN 89(B) front panel. It is designed so that there are two
ways for the user to easily keep the data base current. The first is to
electronically update the data base by means of a 3.5-inch diskette
supplied by Honeywell and an IBM-compatible personal computer.
This method does not have to involve removing the KLN 89(B) from
the aircraft’s instrument panel. A jack, usually mounted in the air-
craft’s instrument panel, provides a means of interfacing the
KLN 89(B) with the computer via an interface cable. The diskettes are
not returned to Honeywell.

The second method of data base update is to remove the old card
and insert a current card. This method involves returning the old card
to Honeywell.

Every 28 days, Honeywell receives new NavData™ information from
Jeppesen Sanderson. This information is processed and down-
loaded onto both diskettes and data base cards. Honeywell makes
these two types of update services available to you in a choice of
several subscription or random update programs. See section 2.6 for
details on these programs.

NOTE: Honeywell sends the update so that it arrives prior to the next
effective date. The new update may be installed any time prior to the
effective date and the KLN 89(B) will use the previous data up to the
effective date and automatically begin using the new data on the
effective date.

WARNING: The accuracy of the data base information is only
assured if it is used before the end of the effectivity period. Use
of out of date data base information is done entirely at the
user’s own risk.


Update information is sent to you on 3.5” disks. In order to use the
update program you must have access to a computer having a disk
drive capable utilizing 3.5-inch 1.44 megabyte high density diskettes.
This computer also needs to have an available COM 1 or COM 2 ser-
ial port. If you wish to perform updates in the cockpit, an optional PC
Interface kit must be used. Included in the kit is an interface cable
that plugs into both the computer and into the data loader jack. The
data loader jack is included with the KLN 89(B) installation kit and is
typically installed in the aircraft’s instrument panel.

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