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CAUTION: It is the pilot’s responsibility to avoid those areas of
special use airspace where ATC clearance to penetrate is
required but has not been obtained. The KLN 89(B)’s special
use airspace alert is only a tool to assist the pilot and should
never be relied upon as the sole means of avoiding these areas.

‡NOTE: Special Use Airspace alerting is disabled when the KLN
89B is in the approach arm or approach active modes.


We’ve talked a lot about the features of the KLN 89(B), and now it’s
time to put those features to work for us and try a sample trip! Our
trip will be from Adams field (KLIT) in Little Rock, Arkansas to Mueller
Municipal airport (KAUS) in Austin, Texas. The weather is perfect
and we decide to make trip VFR and fly direct to Austin.


1. Apply power to the KLN 89(B) by turning the power knob to the

ON position.


Verify that the information on the Self Test and Initialization
pages is correct, including the time and date. Enter the altimeter
baro setting. Position the cursor over Ok? and press



approve the Initialization page.

3. Read the Data Base page and acknowledge it by pressing



4. The APT 5 page for Adams field (KLIT), which shows the com-

munications frequencies, is now displayed on the screen since
KLIT was the active waypoint when you last removed power from
the KLN 89(B). The first APT 5 page indicates that the ATIS fre-
quency is 125.65 MHz, the pre-taxi clearance delivery frequency
is 118.95 MHz, and the ground control frequency is 121.90 MHz.
After listening to ATIS, we contact clearance delivery for our
clearance out of the Little Rock Class C airspace. Next, we give
ground control a call and receive our taxi clearance.

5. By this time the KLN 89(B) has reached a NAV ready status. We

can verify this by turning to the NAV 2 page. It shows a valid
present position, in this case 3.8 nautical miles on the 320
degree radial from Little Rock (LIT) VOR.

6. Press


to bring up the Direct To page. Use the right inner

and outer knobs to enter the identifier of Mueller Municipal airport

KLN 89/KLN 89B Pilot’s Guide

Basic GPS Operation


Basic GPS Operation

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