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KLN 89/KLN 89B Pilot’s Guide

Approaches and SID/STARs


Approaches and SID/STARs

Chapter 5



This is the last chapter on the operation of the KLN 89(B). In this
chapter you will learn how to use the KLN 89B for non-precision
approach and SID/STAR procedures. Note that only KLN 89Bs
which are configured for IFR approaches are capable of performing
the procedures discussed in this chapter. KLN 89Bs which are con-
figured for en route and terminal operations only will give you access
to SID/STAR procedures but not non-precision procedures. All of
these procedures require that you are comfortable with the operation
of the unit as presented up to this point. In particular, you need to be
comfortable with flight plan operation (sections 4.1 and 4.2) and the
OBS mode (section 4.7).


Flying non-precision approaches using the KLN 89B are not in them-
selves very difficult. However, it is different than using traditional
equipment such as VORs and NDBs. With this in mind, make sure
that you practice with the KLN 89B in VFR weather with a check pilot
before attempting to use the KLN 89B in actual IFR conditions.

CAUTION: The KLN 89B obtains approach information from the
data base. Therefore, it is extremely important that the data base
is current. The KLN 89B is approved for IFR non-precision
approaches only when the data base is current. If you attempt
to select an approach when the data base is out of date, you will
be given the status-line message: “D Base Expire” in the bottom
left portion of the screen as a reminder.

The following sections assume that your KLN 89B is properly
installed in the aircraft with all of the necessary accessories to fly
non-precision approaches. In most cases this will mean that the air-
craft has external switch/annunciators to arm the approach mode. An
external annunciator to indicate when a message is active and when
waypoint sequencing is about to occur will also be installed. In some
installations the aircraft will have a NAV/GPS switch to select which
navigation source is displayed on the primary HSI or CDI.

The NAV 4 page has been specifically designed to provide most of
the functions needed for non-precision approaches. This page pro-
vides an interface that presents pertinent navigation information, a
way to access the flight plan, and a graphic presentation of the pre-
sent position relative to the flight plan waypoints. You will find this
page to be a good friend while performing GPS based non-precision

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