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(KAUS) by using the right inner knob to select the characters and
the right outer knob to move the flashing part of the cursor to the
desired cursor location.

7. Press


. The APT 1 page for Mueller Municipal is now dis-

played on the screen.




again to approve the waypoint page. The NAV 1

page is now displayed. The NAV 1 page indicates it is 384
nautical miles to Austin and that the bearing is 225 degrees.
After take-off, the NAV 1 page will also display groundspeed and
estimated time en route.

3.18.2 EN


1. We depart from runway 36 at Little Rock and are told to “maintain

runway heading.” After several radar vectors for traffic avoidance
we are finally cleared on course. The D-Bar indicates that the
radar vectors have taken us north of the original course and we
decide to proceed Direct To Austin from our present position. To
recenter the D-Bar, press


, and then press



2. In order to determine the minimum enroute safe altitude (ESA)

for our flight, you view the ALT 1 page by pressing the


button. It indicates an ESA of 4300 feet for the trip and a
minimum safe altitude for our present position of 3400 feet.

3. After departure control has directed “squawk 1200, frequency

change approved,” you decide it would be a good idea to obtain
VFR flight following. To obtain the frequency for Center, press


button, move the cursor to the CTR? selection, and



. The KLN 89(B) indicates that for our position, we

should be able to contact Memphis Center on 118.85 MHz.

4. We’ve only flown about 100 nautical miles, but we begin wonder-

ing where we would go if an engine suddenly started running
rough. We decide to use the KLN 89(B) to determine where the
nearest airports are from our present location. To view the near-
est airports press


, and then press


. The nearest airport is

Hope Municipal (M18) which is eight nautical miles from our posi-
tion on a bearing to the airport of 11 degrees. You now rotate the
right inner knob to view the other APT pages for Hope Municipal.
We learn, for example, that it is located in Hope, Arkansas, and
has two hard surface runways that are each 5500 feet in length.
By pulling the right inner knob to the “out” position, you may now
scan clockwise through the remaining eight airports in the
nearest airport list.

Basic GPS Operation


Basic GPS Operation

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