BendixKing KLN 89B - Pilots Guide User Manual

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This Pilot’s Guide covers both the KLN 89 (VFR only) and KLN
89B (IFR approved for Enroute, Terminal, and Non-precision
Approach phases of flight). There are numerous places
throughout this guide which discuss features and operational
characteristics which specifically apply to KLN 89B, and not to
KLN 89. These parts of the Pilot’s Guide refer specifically to
KLN 89B, and often are marked with a double dagger symbol (‡).
Likewise, chapter 5, “Approaches and SID/STARs” applies only
to KLN 89B. For features that apply to both KLN 89 and KLN
89B, a generic reference to “KLN 89(B)” is used.

NOTE: A “whiskers” border is used around data
on some of the figures in this Pilot's Guide to
indicate that the data inside the border is

WARNING: The KLN 89 and KLN 89B display GPS-derived alti-
tude on the OTH 1 page. Do not use the GPS-derived altitude for
navigation. Due to Selective Availability position degradation
and other factors, the GPS altitude is normally 300 feet or more
in error, which is unacceptable for vertical navigation.




# Leg| N 25°

# Leg| N 25°42.10'
VOR 1 | W 79°

VOR 1 | W 79°17.10'

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