BendixKing KLN 89B - Pilots Guide User Manual

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KLN 89/KLN 89B Pilot’s Guide

Approaches and SID/STARs


Approaches and SID/STARs

Chapter 5



is pressed. This is the desired waypoint so press


to confirm the waypoint and proceed direct to the VOR.

NOTE: If ATC gives you instructions for a missed approach that are
different from the published missed approach procedure, it is always
possible for you to select a different direct to waypoint than the
default direct to waypoint.

10. As the aircraft approaches TXO you will need to select OBS

mode to stop waypoint sequencing and define the inbound
course for the holding pattern. If you do not select the OBS
mode before the aircraft is within 4 NM of the holding point, then
the KLN 89B presents a message reminding you to select the
OBS mode.

NOTE: If another attempt at the approach is desired after holding, it
is necessary to manually change the active waypoint. When the FAF
and the missed approach holding point are at the same place then
the KLN 89B will automatically change the active waypoint to the FAF
when you change from OBS to LEG. Make sure to make this change
as soon as possible to ensure you get into the approach active mode.

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