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Transition to the approach active mode. This mode change is
automatic and occurs at position C in figure 5-1 when:

• the aircraft is 2 NM from the FAF and the approach mode is


• the LEG mode is selected

• the aircraft is heading towards the FAF

• the FAF or a co-located IAF/FAF is the active waypoint

• the KLN 89B confirms that adequate integrity monitoring is

available to complete the approach.

• RAIM is available at FAF & MAP

If any of these conditions are not met, the KLN 89B will not transition
to the approach active mode and a missed approach will be required
if the conditions do not change before reaching the FAF. If all of
these conditions are met then the CDI scale factor will start to change
to ±0.3 NM and the external annunciator will indicate ACTV.


At the FAF (position D in figure 5-1) the CDI scale factor will be at
±0.3 NM and will remain at this scale factor until you manually
cancel the approach mode by either pressing the external GPS
APR button to change to the ARM mode, by initiating a direct to
operation or by changing to OBS mode.

WARNING: It is not approved to conduct the final portion of the
approach unless the KLN 89B is in the approach active mode
(ACTV on external annunciator).


Fly to the Missed Approach Point. (position E in figure 5-1). The
KLN 89B will not automatically sequence to the next waypoint.
You must manually change to the appropriate waypoint accord-
ing to the situation. By default, the KLN 89B will nominate the
first waypoint of the published missed approach procedure when


is pressed, and the active waypoint is the MAP, and you

have flown past the MAP (rule number 4 in section 3.9).


If necessary conduct the missed approach procedure.
Remember to always refer to the paper chart when conducting a
missed approach. The OBS mode is usually needed at some
point during a missed approach and is always required to fly the
holding pattern (position F in figure 5-1).

The details of the above operations as well as several examples of
how to conduct non-precision approaches using the KLN 89B are
given in the following sections.

Approaches and SID/STARs


Approaches and SID/STARs

Chapter 5

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