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NOTE: If another attempt at the approach is desired after holding, it
is necessary to manually change the active waypoint. When the FAF
and the missed approach holding point are at the same place then
the KLN 89B will automatically change the active waypoint to the FAF
when you change from OBS to LEG. Make sure to make this change
as soon as possible to ensure you get into the approach active mode.


Very rarely there will be a problem with the integrity of the GPS sys-
tem while you are conducting non-precision approaches with the KLN
89B. In some cases the KLN 89B will determine that there will not be
sufficient integrity monitoring for the leg between the FAF and the
MAP, or RAIM is not currently available. In these cases the KLN 89B
will not go into the approach active mode and will present the follow-
ing message:

*RAIM Not Available

APR Mode Inhibited
Predict RAIM on OTH 3

In these cases you will not be able to finish the approach because
there is insufficient integrity monitoring. The OTH 3 (Other 3) page
provides a means for you to predict when RAIM will be available.

To perform a RAIM prediction on the OTH 3 page two pieces of infor-
mation are needed. The first is the location that the prediction will be
for and the second is the time for the prediction.

The destination waypoint will, by default, be the missed approach
point of an approach loaded in the flight plan. If there is no approach
in the flight plan, then the default waypoint is the last waypoint in the
active flight plan. Of course it is possible for you to enter any way-
point in this field.

The time used for the RAIM prediction will be the current ETA to the
destination airport or the MAP. This time is automatically updated by
the KLN 89B so there is usually no need to enter a value. If you are
making a RAIM calculation for planning purposes, it is also possible
to enter a time in this field. An important point about this time is that
the time used for RAIM prediction is always in the future and limited
to 24 hours from the present time. For example, if the time is now
19:30 and the time entered for the ETA is 18:30, then the prediction
will be made for the next day not one hour ago.

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Approaches and SID/STARs

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