BendixKing KLN 89B - Pilots Guide User Manual

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Data Base


Data Base

Chapter 2

CAUTION: The data base must be updated only while the air-
craft is on the ground. The KLN 89(B) does not perform any
navigation function while the data base is being updated. Since
a data base update takes approximately 5 minutes it is a good
idea to turn off all electrical equipment on the aircraft except for
the KLN 89(B) to avoid running down the aircraft battery.

NOTE: The diskettes sent to you can only be used to update one
KLN 89(B), although they can update that specific unit numerous
times. The first time the diskettes are used in an update operation, a
unique identification code from the KLN 89(B) being used is uploaded
to the diskettes. These diskettes may be used in this specific
KLN 89(B) an unlimited number of times which could be required if
you switch back and forth between the Americas North, Americas
South, Atlantic, and Pacific data bases during one update cycle.
These diskettes may not, however, be used to update other
KLN 89(B)s. This update protection ensures that Jeppesen
Sanderson is properly compensated for the use of their NavData™.

To update the KLN 89(B) data base by computer:


Plug the 9 pin female connector end of the interface cable into a
COM serial port of the computer. If the computer has COM 1 and
COM 2 serial ports, either may be used. Some computers use a
9 pin COM serial port connector while other computers use a 25
pin connector. If the computer being used has a 9 pin connector,
the interface cable connector will plug directly into the computer’s
9 pin connector. If the computer’s COM serial port uses a 25 pin
connector, use the 25 pin to 9 pin adapter included in the PC
interface kit to adapt the interface cable’s connector to the
computer’s connector.


If you are using the PC interface kit in the cockpit, plug the other
end of the interface cable (4 conductor male connector) into the
data loader jack that is mounted in the aircraft panel.


Insert the diskette into the computer’s disk drive. Turn on the
computer being used for the data base update. The program on
the disk will automatically “boot” (load) and the computer screen
will display “Ready” when the computer is ready to continue with
the data base update operation.


Turn on the KLN 89(B). Press


as required to approve the

Self Test, Initialization, and Data Base pages. Use the right outer
knob to select the Setup (SET) type pages and the right inner

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