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Approaches and SID/STARs


Approaches and SID/STARs

Chapter 5

NOTE: There are some approach procedures in the world that are
not suited for the operational characteristics of the KLN 89B. These
procedures are not included in the data base. Therefore it is not
possible to use the KLN 89B for these approaches. It is good pre-
flight practice ensure that the KLN 89B contains anticipated
procedures for the flight.

In addition to the two course modes (Leg and OBS) described in sec-
tion 4.7, there are also two approach modes. These are approach
arm and approach active. The status of the approach mode is indi-
cated on an external switch/annunciator. In most installations the
external annunciator will indicate ARM for the approach arm mode
and approach active will be annunciated by ACTV. The main differ-
ence of these modes from the normal en route mode is that the
integrity monitoring is set to a tighter level. Another difference
between these modes and the en route mode is that the CDI scale
factor will usually change to ±1.0 NM for ARM and will always change
to ±0.3 NM when in the APR ACTV mode.

The ARM mode can be selected in two ways. The normal way is that
this mode will be selected automatically by the KLN 89B when the
aircraft is within 30 NM of an airport and an approach is loaded in the
flight plan for that airport. It is possible to arm the approach mode at
a distance greater than 30 NM from the airport by pressing the exter-
nal GPS approach switch, but the KLN 89B will not change the CDI
scale factor until the aircraft reaches the 30 NM point. If the GPS
APR external switch is pressed while the approach mode is armed,
then the KLN 89B will disarm the approach and change back to en
route mode. The CDI scale factor will also change back to ±5.0 NM.
The approach can be re-armed by simply pressing the GPS APR
switch again.

The APR ACTV mode can only be engaged automatically by the KLN
89B. To cancel the APR ACTV mode press the external GPS APR
switch. This will change the mode to APR ARM. Once past the FAF,
it is not possible to return to the approach active mode without con-
ducting a missed approach and flying back to the FAF.

General Procedure for Non-Precision Approaches

Non-precision approaches will all have the general flow of events as
follows. Refer to figure 5-1.


Select and load the approach into the flight plan. This can be
done at almost any time but must be completed before reaching
the Final Approach Fix and should be done as soon as possible.

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