When using mounted on the ceiling – Canon XEED WUX450 User Manual

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Before Installation


Be Careful of Condensation

If the temperature of the room rises suddenly, moisture in the air may condense on
the projector lens and mirror, causing the image to become blurred. Wait until the
condensation has evaporated for the image projected to return to normal.

At Altitudes above 2,300 m (7,545.8'), Adjust the Settings

Projector settings must be adjusted when using the projector at altitudes of 2,300 m
(7,545.8') or higher. Specifically, refer to instructions for [Fan mode] (


) in the

[Install settings] menu.

When Using Mounted on the Ceiling

When the projector is used mounted on the
ceiling or installed in a high location, it is
necessary to periodically clean the air
intake and exhaust vents, and the area
around the air filter. If dust accumulates in
the intake or exhaust vents, cooling
performance will deteriorate, causing the
internal temperature to rise and possibly
resulting in a malfunction or fire. Use a
vacuum cleaner or similar means to
remove dust from the intake vent and
exhaust vent.