Creating/saving a user profile – Canon XEED WUX450 User Manual

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Adjusting Image Quality (Image Adjustment)

Creating/Saving a

User Profile

> [Image adjustment] >



Up to 5 combinations of image
quality settings can be stored. The
stored image quality can be selected
as an image mode.

Use the [ ] / [ ] buttons and select the
save destination. (Saved memories are
indicated by checkmarks.)

When the desired save destination is
selected, press the OK button to accept
your setting and then press [Return].

• The saved settings consist of the

brightness, contrast, sharpness, gamma,
color adjustment, advanced adjustment,
and lamp mode.

• The number of displayed user memories is

5, however it is possible to save different
settings for when the connected equipment
is a computer (ANALOG PC, DIGITAL PC
or HDMI (when [HDMI In] (


) is

[Computer]) and when AV equipment is
connected (COMPONENT, HDMI (when
[HDMI In] (


) is [Auto])). As a result, it is

possible to save up to 10 settings.

• The image mode name which was the basis

for the settings change is also saved in the
user memory. When a user memory is
selected as the image mode, the image
mode that was the base for that user
memory is displayed in the menu as
[Baseline image mode].




Digital PC

Analog PC