Network connection overview, Connection methods, An port – Canon XEED WUX450 User Manual

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Network Connection Overview

Connecting the projector to a network enables you to control the projector from a
computer and receive notification of projector errors via email. Settings related to
the network connection can be made from either the projector side (


) or

computer side. (



Depending on the method of network connection, preparation on the computer side
may be necessary. The following is an explanation of preparation on the computer

Connection Methods

Connect the projector to the computer via LAN.

When the [Network function] setting of the projector is set to [Off] (Network

Connections is disabled), switch it to [On] to enable it. (



Referring to “Checking Projector Information” (


), check that the projector IP

address does not overlap with other computers that are on the same LAN. To set
a projector IP address, follow the instructions in “Completing Computer Settings”


) and use the web screen, or use projector TCP/IP settings. (



When you connect the computer to the network for the first time, it is also

necessary to perform settings on the computer. In this case, consult the network
administrator regarding the necessary settings.

For details on networked multi-projection – projecting images from computers through
one or more projectors over a network – see “Networked Multi-Projection.”

In a network environment where a DHCP server is operating, choose [On] on the
projector [DHCP] screen to enable the DHCP function and connect it. (




LAN cable (shielded twisted pair)

(not included)

(crossover or straight cable)

Hub or router, etc.