Specifying use of amx device discovery – Canon XEED WUX450 User Manual

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Completing Projector Settings


Specifying Use of

AMX Device


> [Network settings] >

[AMX Device


In a network environment, AMX
Device Discovery can be used to
enable other equipment to discover
the projector. For networks without
AMX Device Discovery, select [Off].

• [Off] is the factory default.

What is PJLink?

In September 2003, the PJLink

Working Group was established

under the Data Projector Committee.

During the first year, this PJLink

Working Group standardized PJLink

as a new interface specification for


PJLink is a unified standard for

operation and control of projectors.

It allows centralized control of

projectors and operation from a

controller for all projectors

regardless of manufacturer.

The objective is for JBMIA to

improve convenience for users and

expand the use of projectors through

early systemization for network

monitoring and control of projectors,

which will become the mainstream in

the future.
Class 1: Standardization of control

and monitoring specifications for

basic projector functions

Basic projector control: Power

control, input selection, etc.

Acquisition of projector information

and status: Power status, input

selection status, error status, lamp

use time, etc.
JBMIA: Japan Business Machine

and Information System

Industries Association.

The JBMIA is an

organization which was

launched in 1960 and

changed its name on April

1, 2002.

PJLink website:



PJLink is a registered trademark of JBMIA

and pending trademark in some countries.


Disables AMX Device Discovery.


Enables AMX Device Discovery. The
projector will periodically send out
AMX beacon packets over the

For details on AMX Device Discovery,
visit the AMX website.