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Step 5

Correct the Image Distortion

Adjusting Keystone Distortion

To correct keystone distortion, press the KEYSTONE button.
Two types of correction are available: horizontal/vertical correction and corner
Horizontal/vertical keystone correction adjusts image width and height, and corner
correction adjusts the image relative to each corner.
For instructions on switching between the two types of keystone correction, refer to
“Specifying Keystone Correction” (


). Press the KEYSTONE button to correct

distortion according to the selected keystone correction method.

Horizontal/Vertical Keystone Correction


Press either the KEYSTONE button on the remote control or the
KEYSTONE button on the projector to display the window shown below.

• Keystone can be adjusted within a range of approximately ±20° (WUX450/WX520) or

approximately ±12° (WUX400ST/WX450ST). If the keystone distortion is too large to
adjust, move the projector installation position so that it is completely straight.

• The result of keystone adjustment is stored in memory. If you place the projector in the

same position, the keystone adjustment is not necessary.

• Signals are processed digitally when keystone distortion is corrected. The image may

look different from the original one. In addition, the aspect ratio of the image may

• Keystone correction may not be effective in some lens shift positions.
• The digital image shift function (


) is accessed when this button is pressed and the

screen aspect is [4:3 D. image shift] or [16:9 D. image shift].

[Zoom] (


) in the [Install settings] menu is not available during horizontal/vertical

keystone correction (WUX400ST/WX450ST).

Remote control