Specifying standby power consumption, Viewing the ip address, Ttings – Canon XEED WUX450 User Manual

Page 172: P172

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Completing Projector Settings


Specifying Standby

Power Consumption

> [Network settings] >


standby settings]

Specify network function operating
status in standby mode as follows.

Press the OK button to accept your
setting and then press the MENU
button or EXIT button.

• [Low-power] is the factory default.
• [Low-power] may delay access over the

network for some functions. For faster
access, select [Normal].

• Power consumption when [Network function

(wired)] is [On] varies depending on
whether [Network standby settings] is set to
[Normal] or [Low-power].

Viewing the IP


> [Network settings] > [Detailed settings

(wired)] >

[IP address]

View the projector’s IP address as
Note that the information can only be
displayed, not changed.
To change the settings, access the
DHCP or TCP/IP settings.

Normal All network functions are available

even in standby mode, including
the web screen, control over the
network, and PJLink.


All network functions are available
even in standby mode.
However, the projector may be
less responsive than usual when
some functions are initially used.