Precautions on the lamp – Canon XEED WUX450 User Manual

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Safety Instructions


Precautions on the lamp

This projector uses a high-pressure mercury lamp, which must be handled carefully
and correctly as describeded below.
The mercury lamp has the following characteristics.
Impact, abrasion, or use after the lamp’s useful life has expired may damage

lamps (which may be accompanied by a loud noise) or cause them to burn out.

Useful life of lamps varies widely from lamp to lamp and depending on the

environment of use. Lamps are not guaranteed to last for the same amount of
time, and some lamps may fail sooner than others.

The lamp will gradually become darker over time.

Pay attention to the following points regarding installation and handling of the projector.

Do not place any heavy objects on top of the projector or sit / stand on it. Pay

particular attention to prevent small children from doing so. The projector
may be knocked over and this could result in damage or a personal injury.

Do not place the projector on an unstable or slanted surface. Doing so may cause

the projector to fall or be knocked over and could result in a personal injury.

Do not place any objects in front of the lens while the projector is operating.

Doing so could cause a fire.

When cleaning off dust or dirt from the projector lens etc., do not use any

kind of spray that is flammable. As the temperature of the lamp inside the
projector is high, it could ignite, causing a fire.

If the projector is used for a long period of time, dust could accumulate inside

the projector. This could cause a fire or malfunction. It is recommended that
periodic maintenance of the projector be performed. For details of
maintenance costs, contact the Canon Customer Support Center.

When replacing the lamp, or when the lamp is damaged, pay attention to the following
points. Failure to do so could result in an electric shock or personal injury.

Be sure to remove the power plug from the power outlet before replacing the lamp.

When the lamp is damaged, shards of glass may be scattered inside the

projector. Contact the Canon Customer Support Center for cleaning and
inspection of the projector interior and lamp replacement.

Precautions when replacing lamps that stop working

If the illumination suddenly stops when the projector is in use or after you
turn it on, the lamp may be broken. In this case, never attempt to replace the
lamp by yourself. Always request service from the Canon Customer Support
Center. Additionally, with ceiling-mounted projectors, the lamp may fall out
when you open the lamp cover or while you are attempting to replace it.
During replacement, stand to the side of the lamp cover, not directly under it.
If the lamp breaks and any glass shards or other pieces get in your eyes or
mouth, consult a doctor immediately.