Useful presentation functions, Temporarily blacking out an image, Freezing the picture – Canon XEED WUX450 User Manual

Page 76: K button

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Useful Presentation Functions

Temporarily Blacking

Out an Image

Press the BLANK button to black out
the image.
Press the BLANK button again to show
the image.

• You can set the screen state while blacking

out the image in the menu. (



• The lamp remains illuminated while the

image is blacked out.

Freezing the Picture

Press the FREEZE button to freeze the
moving image. The projector shows the
following icon.

Press the FREEZE button again to
return to the original display.

• It is also cancelled when the input signal is


Useful when:

• You have finished the presentation.
• You want to divert attendees’

attention from the screen.

Remote control

Useful when:

• You want to perform a computer

operation which is irrelevant to the
proceedings of the presentation.

• You want to stop a moving image.

Remote control