Cleaning the projector – Canon XEED WUX450 User Manual

Page 198

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Cleaning the Projector

Clean the projector frequently to prevent dust from settling on the surface.
A dirty lens may ruin the quality of the projected image.

Wipe the projector’s main unit softly with a soft cloth.
If the projector is heavily soiled, soak the cloth in water with a small amount of
detergent in it, squeeze the cloth thoroughly, and then wipe the projector with it.
After cleaning, wipe the projector with a dry cloth.

When cleaning the projector, make sure to turn off the projector, wait
until the cooling fan stops, disconnect the power plug from the
electrical outlet, and let the projector stand for at least 1 hour.
Otherwise, you may get burned because the main unit is very hot
immediately after the projector is turned off.

• Never use volatile cleaning liquid or benzine, as these may damage the finish of the


• When using a chemical dust cloth, make sure to read the instructions thoroughly.
• When cleaning the projector’s lens, use a commonly available air blower or lens

cleaning paper. The lens surface is easily damaged, so do not use a hard cloth or