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How to Use This Manual

Thank you for purchasing a Canon projector.
The WUX450/WX520/WUX400ST/WX450ST Multimedia Projector (hereinafter
referred to as “the projector”) is a high-performance projector that is capable
of projecting a high-resolution computer screen and high-quality digital
image on a large screen.

This Manual

This manual combines the user’s manual for WUX450/WX520/WUX400ST/
WX450ST Multimedia Projectors. The “Operation” section (


) describes how to

use the projector. The “Installation and Maintenance” section (


) describes

initial setup and regular maintenance. For instructions on software for projection by
multiple projectors linked in a local network, refer to the “Networked Multi-Projection
(NMPJ)” se
ction (


). Read this manual thoroughly to make the most of your

projector. Installation of the projector should be performed by a qualified technician,
if possible. Contact the Canon Customer Support Center for further information.
Unless otherwise noted, figures in this manual show the WUX450/WX520.

Symbols Used in This Manual

Meanings of the symbols used in this manual are as follows.

A precaution about operation or restriction is given here.
Indicates supplemental information to note in use.

Selecting Screen Aspect

Select the correct aspect ratio for the screen which is used.


Press the MENU button to display the menu window.


Press the [ ] / [ ] buttons to select the [Install settings] tab.

Remote control


Remote control


Symbols of Button Operations
The projector can be operated using the buttons on the remote control or on the
side of the projector. The remote control allows you to operate all functions of the
In this document, the button’s operations are shown as below.

Operation of buttons
on side of projector

Remote control button

Indicate the buttons to be pressed