Restrictions, Router connections, Security dialog box projection – Canon XEED WUX450 User Manual

Page 276: Screen capture software, Animated cursors, Alternative cursors, Projection restrictions, Network bandwidth, Projection through firewalls, Application display

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Router Connections

Although the application can also link computers and projectors over a network via
a router, operation is only ensured over one router hop. Note that before projecting
from projectors in other subnets in Broadcast Mode, you must configure the router’s
multicast routing settings. For details, ask your network administrator.

Security Dialog Box Projection

The application cannot be used to project the Windows Security dialog box,
normally accessed by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Screen Capture Software

It may not be possible to start the application while software that restricts screen
captures is running.

Animated Cursors

Animation of animated cursors is not projected.

Alternative Cursors

Cursors used by some software may not be projected correctly. In this case, an
arrow pointer is projected.

Projection Restrictions

Some windows and icons displayed on computers cannot be projected. Although
switching the projection type to advanced will enable projection of more elements,
not all elements can be projected even in this case.
Projected images may not always match the computer screens.

Network Bandwidth

Some network conditions may cause a delay in projection.

Projection through Firewalls

Some application functions may not be available in environments where Windows
Firewall or other software restricting network communication are installed.

Application Display

Application display may be distorted if you have adjusted the screen resolution in