Before installation, Precautions when carrying/shipping the projector, Precautions for installation – Canon XEED WUX450 User Manual

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Before Installation

Precautions When Carrying/Shipping the


Precautions for Installation

Be sure to read “Safety Instructions” and “For Safe Use” (



). Also

take the following precautions during installation.

Prepare the projector as described below before carrying it.

• Disconnect the cables connected to the projector. Carrying the

projector with the cables attached may cause an accident.

• Retract the adjustable feet.
• Do not reuse any packaging or shock-absorbent materials that

were supplied with the projector at the time of purchase for
transporting or shipping the projector.
Protection of the projector cannot be guaranteed if used
packaging or shock-absorbent materials are reused. Fragments
from shock-absorbent material may also enter the interior of the
projector which could cause a malfunction.

• Do not strike the projector or

subject it to impact. Doing so may
cause a malfunction.

• Do not install the projector so that it

is inclined or standing vertically. The
projector may tip over, causing a

• Do not block the air intake or

exhaust vents of the cooling fan. If
the intake or exhaust vent is
blocked, heat may accumulate inside the projector, causing a

Exhaust vent

Air intake vent