Canon XEED WUX450 User Manual

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Safety Instructions







Precautions for the batteries of the remote


If the lamp is damaged, gas inside the lamp (containing mercury) and dust

may be emitted from the exhaust vents. If this happens, immediately open
the windows and doors to provide ventilation to the room. If you inhale any
gas emitted from the lamp or it has come into contact with your eyes or
mouth, consult a doctor immediately.

When handling the lamp, pay attention to the following points.

Be sure not to handle the lamp immediately after it has been used. Be sure

to switch off the power and wait for approximately 1 hour for the lamp and
the projector to cool down sufficiently. Failure to do so could result in a burn
or personal injury due to heat from the lamp or projector.

When an instruction to replace the lamp has been displayed (LAMP Indicator

Displays (


)), the possibility of the lamp breaking will increase. Replace

the lamp with a new one as soon as possible.

When disposing of a used mercury lamp, dispose of it in the same way as a

fluorescent lamp and in accordance with the local regulations where you live.

Pay attention to the following points regarding handling of batteries. Failing to do so
could result in a fire or personal injury.

Do not heat, short circuit or disassemble the batteries, or place them in a fire.
Do not attempt to recharge the batteries that are included with the remote


Remove the batteries when they are flat or when the remote control will not

be used for a long period of time.

When replacing the batteries, replace both at the same time. Also, do not

use two batteries of a different type at the same time.

Insert the batteries with the + and - terminals in the correct directions.
If any liquid from inside the batteries leaks out and contacts your skin, be

sure to wash the liquid off thoroughly.