Enabling/disabling dhcp, Specifying tcp/ip settings, P174 – Canon XEED WUX450 User Manual

Page 174

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Completing Projector Settings




> [Network settings] > [Detailed settings

(wired)] >


You can turn the projector DHCP
function on or off.

Press the OK button to accept your
setting and then press the MENU
button or EXIT button.

• [Off] is the factory default.

Specifying TCP/IP


> [Network settings] > [Detailed settings

(wired) ] >

[TCP/IP setting]

Configure the projector TCP/IP

When [TCP/IP setting] is selected, the
window shown below appears. Use the
[ ] / [ ] buttons to select the IP
address, then press the OK button.
Next, use the [ ] / [ ] buttons to select
the digit and the [ ] / [ ] buttons to
change the value.
Press the OK button, then set the
subnet mask and gateway address in
the same way. Finally, select [Enter].

• The factory default settings are as follows.

IP address:

Subnet mask:

Gateway address:

• Settings cannot be made when [DHCP]



) is [On].

• If an invalid value is entered, the message

“Invalid entry” appears. If this occurs, enter
a valid value.


Disables the DHCP function. TCP/IP
settings are possible.


Enables the DHCP function. Searches
the DHCP server. Because the IP
address is acquired from the DHCP
server, it is not necessary to enter the
TCP/IP settings (IP address, subnet
mask, gateway address).