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Exchanging and updating data using a HotSync




Performing a local HotSync


operation with the cradle

This section describes how to perform a HotSync


operation using the

cradle (local HotSync), assuming that you have done all the necessary
preparations and installations for your CLIÉ handheld and your computer.
For the required preparations and software installation, and for information
on performing a HotSync for the first HotSync operation, see the Read This
First manual.


Place your CLIÉ handheld on the cradle.


Press the HotSync

button on the front panel of the cradle.

The HotSync operation starts.

When the HotSync operation is complete, a message showing the
HotSync completion is displayed on your CLIÉ handheld.


Do not remove your CLIÉ handheld from the cradle until the HotSync operation is
complete. Otherwise, the Palm Desktop for CLIÉ software may not quit normally.

If the HotSync operation does not start

Make sure that the HotSync

icon is displayed in the Windows task tray on your

computer screen and Local Serial is not selected from the shortcut menu. If the HotSync

icon is not shown in the task tray, click Start, point to Programs (All Programs in

Windows® XP), Sony Handheld, and click HotSync Manager. Press the HotSync
button on the cradle to start the HotSync operation.

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