Sony PEG-T415G User Manual

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Using Basic applications


Managing schedules and events (Date Book)

Setting an alarm for an event

The Alarm setting enables you to set an audible alarm for events in your
Date Book. You can set an alarm to sound minutes, hours, or days before an
event. The default Alarm setting is 5 minutes before the time of the event,
but you can change this to any number of minutes, hours, or days.
When you set an alarm, an alarm icon appears to the far right of the event
with the alarm.


You can also set your CLIÉ handheld to vibrate, or flash its LED for an event instead of,
or in addition to, an audible alarm. For details, see “Turning the vibrate alarm and LED
alarm on or off” on page 168.


On the Date Book screen, tap the event to which you want to
assign an alarm.


Tap Details.

The Event Details dialog box appears.


Tap the Alarm check box to select it.

The alarm is set.


Tap the arrow V to select the time unit from among Minutes,
Hours, or Days.


Tap the “5” next to the Alarm check box and enter any
number from 0 to 99 as the number of time units.


Tap OK.

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