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I tried to perform a local HotSync operation, but it did not
complete successfully.

Try each of these in turn:

, Make sure that HotSync Manager is running. If HotSync Manager is

running, exit, and restart it.

, Make sure that Local USB is selected in the HotSync Manager menu

or the Palm Desktop for CLIÉ software menu.

, Check that the cradle is properly connected to the USB connector of

your computer.

, Read the HotSync Log for the user account for which you are

performing a HotSync operation.

, Make sure that your CLIÉ handheld is seated in the cradle correctly.

, Make sure that the gold-plated connectors on the cradle and your

CLIÉ handheld are clean. Use a pencil eraser to clean the connectors.

I cannot perform an IR HotSync operation.

, Make sure that the HotSync Manager is running and the Serial Port

for local operations is set to the simulated port for infrared

, On your CLIÉ handheld, make sure that the HotSync application is

set to IR to a PC/Handheld.

, Make sure that the IR port of your CLIÉ handheld is aligned directly

opposite to, and within a few inches of, the infrared device of your

, IR HotSync operations do not work after you receive a low battery

warning. Check the battery power of your CLIÉ handheld. Recharge
the battery if necessary.

, If you have problems using a specific speed, select Prefs, Connection,

IR to a PC/Handheld, Edit, then Details. Then select a lower speed in
the Details dialog box.

Troubleshooting – Frequently Asked Questions

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