Precautions – Sony PEG-T415G User Manual

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When your battery runs out

• When the battery runs out, a caution message appears on the screen. If

this occurs, perform a HotSync


operation to back-up all the data of your

CLIÉ handheld to your computer. Then charge your CLIÉ handheld
using the cradle. This helps prevent accidental data loss.

• If your CLIÉ handheld does not turn on when you press the POWER

button, charge your CLIÉ handheld immediately.

• The remaining battery indicator does not always reflect the actual battery

amount. The battery is designed to provide years of service under normal
use. To prolong the battery’s life, charge it frequently even when it is not
fully discharged.

• You do not have to replace batteries. When the remaining battery

indicator reads zero, place your CLIÉ handheld on the cradle and start
charging immediately. Never disassemble your CLIÉ handheld to take
out the battery.

When the remaining battery indicator reads 0.

If your battery drains and you leave your CLIÉ handheld in an uncharged
state for an extended period of time, all of the stored data will be erased.
Sony suggests you charge your CLIÉ handheld frequently.

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