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Connection problems

I have trouble establishing a network connection to my ISP or
dial-in server.

, Check the Expanded Service Connection Progress messages to

identify the point where the connection fails in the log in procedure.
Press the scroll button downwards at any point during log in to
display these messages.

, Check the information in the Network Log so your ISP or your

System Administrator can pinpoint where the log in procedure
communication fails and why.

To view the Network Log, open the Network Preferences screen and
tap the Menu

icon. Tap Options, then View Log. Tap the up and

down arrows of the scroll bar to see the entire Network Log.

Beaming problems

I cannot beam data to another Palm OS PDA.

, Confirm that your CLIÉ handheld and the other Palm OS PDA are

between 4 inches (approximately 10 centimeters) and 8 inches
(approximately 20 centimeters) apart, and that the path between the
two handhelds is clear of obstacles. Beaming distance to other Palm
OS PDA may be different.

, Move your CLIÉ handheld closer to the receiving handheld.

, Make sure that the Beam Receive function of the other Palm OS PDA

is turned on.

Troubleshooting – Frequently Asked Questions

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